Scottish Fashion Awards 2011


Ceremony, then there is the Dinner (which included the Swarovski Catwalk Show) and then the after show party.

The Awards Show is held in the Science Centre’s IMAX Theatre.
A small stage is placed in front of the main screen with all the awards, and the lectern.
This year’s host was Laura Whitmore.
Lighting wise this is rather simple, as being an awards show there are only really 17 states that I used.
Main ones being VT, Award presented, Award Given, Award Received.
This is simply because most of the emphasis is on the screens.

The Dinner/Swarovski Finale Runway Show was held in the Science Centre’s Atrium.
This was for me the biggest and most challenging part.
Firstly, we had all the tables pin spotted. (this looks great as it means you don’t need to floodlight the room for the dinner service. Instead you can have soft lighting at each table.
The GrandMA2 had 268 Cues in the desk for the Catwalk section alone.
The Lighting during the catwalk show was completely sync’d to the music.
And in many cases where I knew what the outfit was beforehand, the lighting was designed to be sure not to contrast too much with the particular items of clothing being worn.

We had the ChromaQ ColorSplit’s rigged on the windows of the science centre and hidden behind a white scrim behind the stage set.
The Robe Robin LEDWash 600′s were rigged overhead and also on flight cases randomly places at the edges of the room.

For those of you who have never been to the Glasgow Science Centre, let me tell you, the Atrium is not an easy place to light.
No single area of the room is symmetrical and to add on to that you have a planetarium stuck in the middle.

So you have these beautiful high glass walls then this really low celling stuck in the middle.
Lastly was the after show Party.
This was simple club/party disco lighting controlled from the new Avolites Titan Mobile console.