Scottish Fashion Awards 2011, Day 2

So we are now into day 2 of the Fashion Awards.
10:00 call in the IMAX Theatre and pretty much straight into the run-thru.

The lighting fixtures In here had been setup yesterday by the science centre’s very own techs (Gav and Richie) and the desk patched by Craig (AV Manager at The Science Center)
So for me it was a case of programming as we went thru the run thru.

Fixtures we had were:
Source 4 Profiles for the lectern/stage area
Source 4 Pars for the Audience back and front light
Placo LEDs as up light for the screen
ChromaQ ColorSplits up lighting the Lectern
Robe ColorSpot 700 ATs room effects.

The run-thru went smoothly and everything seems to be good here.
Back to the Atrium to touch up on the last of programming for the fashion show.
(all generics and positions been programmed, so daylight not really a problem now)

Being the first time I’ve been in the room since the night before I was worried I was going to come in and find some of the tables have moved, but strangely none had to my surprise :) or should I say delight.
But of course, it turned out to be too good to be true, about 20 minutes before Guests were due to arrive on the red carpet, I was told 3 tables were moving slightly….. But of course slightly in their eyes is a lot to me as LD, the spots focused on the tables were perfectly focused on each table.
So I had to quickly send one of the boys with the harness on to re-focus some of the lights.
All done just in time for me to move into the IMAX to take position ready for the guests to arrive.

Some of the guests included Dame Shirley Bassey, Samantha Cameron, and Lulu.

The second the show was finished, I found I was rushing off the the Atrium to start the very first cue of the dinner/catwalk show (the walk-in)
I had to get there before the guests, but that’s not a problem :P

Not something I would recommend, but the background music was being played using iTunes from my main computer running the lighting control.
Went fine, but only did it knowing fine well I had the back-up laptop there that would instantly take over the lighting control should for any reason the Main stops communications.

A few hours later and it’s time to start the catwalk show, things were running a tad late by this point, and it had to be worked into the space between the coffee as the catwalk being between the tables means we couldn’t have the waiting staff bringing out food or taking it away, in face, everyone had to be seated.

The way the Swarovski Catwalk Show was starting of had changed from what had been talked about earlier and would be slightly different from my programming, so luckily I used the 8th DMX as an in so I had a number of faders to control some executers for things like stage, tables, catwalk, lectern light etc just in case, as you never know what will happen or when you will suddenly need to busk part of the show.

So the stage lights were brought up for Louise Linton to introduce the Swarovski show.

All went well again, looked great (as always)
Photos to follow below.

Once the show had finished it was time for everyone to go to the After-show Party, and for us to start our derig…… Simple enough, strike EVERYTHING hired in.

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