Scottish Fashion Awards 2011, Day 1

Here we are at the Glasgow Science Center again for the Scottish Fashion Awards 2011.

The event is split up into 3 separate events in a way.
1st is the Awards ceremony held in the amazing IMAX Cinema @ The Science Center, then the guests move onto the Meal and Swarovski Cat Walk Show held in the Science Centre’s Atrium and last thing to keep the guests on their toe’s there is the AfterShow Party in the Clyde Suite or The Science Center, the latter looked after by Capitol FM, with them providing Entertainment :)

Today was the load-in, setup, program and run-thru of the Swarovski Catwalk show of the event.
This room is set out as a banquet dinner, tables set up round the room with the catwalk in a circle around a number of the tables on the floor level entering and leaving via the stage set made by finix.

The catwalk show only lasts around 25-30 mins and that is what the lighting is all for, as well as lighting the room during the dinner.

The generic lighting we are using is,
CCT Minuet Fresnels (for table spotting)
ETC Source 4 Profiles (for the catwalk runway, lectern and Swarovski logo)
ETC Source 4 Pars to light the stage and some venue highlights.
ETC Sensor Dimming (96-ways)

For effects we have
Martin Mac 250 Kryptons
Robe Robin 600 LEDwashes
Pulsar ChromaFloods
ChromaQ ColorSplits
Generic 5 cell RGB LED Batton

Lighting control being provided by a computer running GrandMA2 OnPC
Another Laptop running as backup
MA Lighting NPU (series 2 mode)
iPhone Running MARemote as Riggers Remotes
iPad Running SplashTop (linked to main computer) as Programming remote
Operated by Me

Today we got all the Lighting equipment up and running, few issues along the way, but my wonderful crew sorted that all out.

As I had been pre-programming before I even arrived into the venue, most of the stuff on the desk was already sorted, other then the main show once I finally got the catwalk music which was far from what I was expecting, but that made programming and coming up with looks quite a challenge (which I liked).

As much as I love shows at The Science Center, I always have 2 very big challenges to face……
Firstly, the room has absolutely no symmetry what so ever, making effect lighting not always quite what I would like, also trying to light the stage for example is never even, because you always have light coming close from one side, and far away on the other. Usually compensate for this by adding more lights to one side, or compromise brightness one the other side to match.
Yes, I have to fight with the sun, and I don’t win often.
Usually I get about half an hour of dark at night when the sun is going down before it starts to reflect off the BBC building at the other side of the plot which is a bigger problem, as it’s then usually right in my eyes.

Around 11 this evening I finally go my darkness and programming with the music commenced, but with a few problems still being worked out (by Ricky and Avais my LX crew chiefs) I had to keep some lights on and some off so it wasn’t until around half 12 before the fun started.

This was a first (for me at The Science Center) total peace and quiet to just get on with it.

So by half 3 in the morning, I finally decided to call it quits and head home.
Not because I was tired, but I needed to be back at 10 the next morning (live about an hour away) and know if I don’t get sleep, I’ll be over tired come show time tomorrow.

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