Royal Highland Show 2009

It came to that time of the year again.
The Royal Highland Show at Ingleston (wee town on the outskirts of Edinburgh).

This again, as always was a week of non-stop work. Getting up at like 7 in the morning and not leaving Ingleston till about 12ish.
We have around 6 different stages/structures that all have to be setup for first thing Thursday morning and we only made the start on the Sunday.
Then we have another stage, which is the big one which don’t have to be up untill the Friday afternoon which is good.

That last one is the one which I spend my weekend at.
It’s for the Young Farmer’s Dances.
The first night there’s a cover band then 2 DJ’s playing till the early hours of the morning and the second night it’s just bands. Again, mostly doing covers.
The lighting looked great :D
Had lots of LED and moving lights :P kept me busy :P

The few days before while building the other stages and structures were mental.
Especially because Health and Safety were watching all 2000 odd staff at the event like mad cos a little boy was killed last year.
Because of this it ment I was pretty much the only one who could do the high rigging. As Ross spent most of his time on the phone (he had to cordinate everything as well as run a company) he couldn’t do a lot of the work.

Boy was I finally glad when it got to the Friday afternoon when I could finally sit down and rest for a wee while :)

So yeah got to sound checks and everything went well :)
Then about ten mins after doors opened I realised that one of the moving lights wasn’t tilting anymore. And me being me wasn’t going to have a non-working light in my rig so went up and did a in air repair :D
Not the best of ideas as you have to remove covers from the light and expose live parts of the fixture as well as UV radiation which is not great for the people out there to I tried to keep myself between them and the light being output from the fixture (cos I’m nice that way).
Managed to get the light fixed which is good :)
If I hadn’t not only would I have had to turn that light off, but also it’s opposite partner on the other side of the stage so I can keep everything equal and even :)

This wasn’t the only fault in the rig that night however. Some of the LED’s were acting weirdly to the commands they were getting from the lighting desk. So I just decided to kill them for the night and get them sorted for the 2nd night.

By the 2nd afternoon I had EVERYTHING up and running well :)
Was extremely pleased. Their would have only been a few things I’d have changed, like lowering the 12 vertical LEDs at the back of the stage maybe by about 3 meters or so but I think that’s it.

Next year (if it happends) I’ll have all the same lights in the rig, but I might change things around a wee bit.
I’ll add the last 4/8 moving lights that we have :) he he.

No parcans at the back of the stage this time. All 36 of them at the front. Cos I barely used them this time round since I had all the LED and Moving Lights lol

On to the Young Farmers.
My god, I know how bad these guys n girls get from the years I’ve don’t this show and the various other stories I hear about them. But fuck me, they still manage to surprise me every year.
Unfortunately this year one of the things that happened was a poor 17yr old girl got raped :(
What’s been getting me was that it happened less than 10 meters away from me :s in a disabled portaloo.
I don’t know her and I obv didn’t see it, but it’s just strange knowing it was so close to me that it happened.

I’ve been working in Clubs etc for 8 years now and never have I come accross anybody who gets as drunk as the Young Farmers get.
I wish the photos of them could show their madness. But they just don’t. You have to see it to really believe it.

Anyway that’s all for now. I’m away to order pizza, been nearly 2whole months since my last one :)
Think I deserve one since Im working in like 3 hours :(

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