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The Flying Lampie is the working name for Lighting work by Kris Goodman.

Kris has been involved in the Lighting Industry since he was a young teenager, picking up everything he knows along the way.

Having been interested in Lighting from a very young age making simple setups from household lamps to doing lighting for school shows in both Primary School (using a very old Rank Strand system) and High School (another Rank Strand system eventually replaced by Strand MX Controller and Pulsar Dimmers, with some Zero 88 Alpha Packs for portable systems)

After leaving school Kris decided to work with a number of local companies to gain “out on the field” experience rather than studying at a Uni or College where what you learn is limited to what the they have available to them.

Working for companies like Hands On, FMX Ltd and Pro Sound Services as well as many various freelance shows for other local Scottish companies Smalltown Audio, Clyde Productions, CPE Lighting and SM Lighting meant being out on different shows daily and each one having a different problem, solution and challenge which has helped him start to get to where he’s at today.
Having been a freelancer all the way through his career has helped him keep his options open and do many things in all disciplines of the Lighting Industry.

As Kris has worked in many venues in Glasgow including The Arches (Moving Light Tech and Operator) and The Classic Grand (Technical Manager, Lighting Coordinator) he has become well known not just within the Glasgow/Scotland area, but as these venues have had many touring productions come thru them where he has been looking after & helping the touring

More recently, as well as continuing with his role at The Classic Grand, Kris has been working on many high profile events on the Scottish Calendar from the Scottish Royal Variety Performance (2009) right through to the Scottish Fashion Awards (2010 + 2011)  and Scottish New Music Awards (2011)